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Wedding planning is an art which concerns the creation of beauty. Each element of a great planification is like a thread that intertwines with others to craft a portrait of feelings and ideas. A delightful journey towards your Special Day in the swirl of emotions. Let yourself get inspired by the details and build your unforgettable scenery. Your wedding day will be a fairy tale come true.
Wedding Planner Sorrento specialises in creating hi-profiled weddings, offering a bespoke service which is tailored to suit your preferences. We work in partnership with some of the best suppliers of the Campania region to create suggestive and inspiring atmospheres. 
Sorrento and the Amalfitan coast represent the perfect scenery to host unique weddings. The enchantment of the coast in contrast with the delicacy of the sea waters, the majesty of the mountains who turn orange at the golden hours, the smell of lemon, the rows of olive trees. As planners who know all the secrets of this magic land, our aim is to use this knowledge to deliver the unexpected and create an experience that goes above-and-beyond our client’s vision, while genuinely reflecting who they are.
Managing an event means planning every moment of the day, from dawn to dusk, carefully scanning the working time, taking care of the budget and realizing the design that best reflects your vision.
The secret is to close your eyes, visualize every moment of your special day… and dream.
The qualitative leap does not depend on the choice of the individual service but on the harmony of the whole, made by the contribution of each expert in his area of expertise.
Our Planning & Design process begins with knowing your passions and emphasizing your love story in order to create style and exquisite details to cherish for a lifetime. We always research the latest trends, materials, colors and styles for staging the most incredible scenarios but, especially, we always try to recreate in our projects that distinctive “Made in Italy” feel.  That’s the only way to develop a vision into something truly special and personal, tailor-made. 
Rely on the best professionals, rely on those who make the satisfaction of your desires their priority and make your day as you have always dreamed it.
Luxurious means unique, like you are.
Isn’t the best part of a wedding the moment when the watchful eyes of lovers come together and start to live their romantic fairy tale, for real?

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Wedding Cocktail Party: celebrate in a fresh and alternative way!


2022-05-16 - If you are a modern bride and groom who want to experience a flowing and easier format of reception, Wedding Planner Sorrento suggests an all-American solution that is becoming increasingly popular even at a national level!    Enough with those long appetizers followed by equally endless banquets, choose to be different and unconventional, prefer a joyful and relaxing atmosphere: opt for the Wedding Cocktail Party!   Once you have decided the ideal style for your wedding day, together with your Wedding Planner, the next step will be to identify the perfect location: our advice for a successful Cocktail Party is to select a place with large spaces where guests can move freely while sipping their drink and enjoying finger food or the buffet. It must be said, however, that the elderly would suffer a lot of time standing, so choose this format of event in case the guests are mostly friends or in any case, there is a majority of young people.   One last note: do not neglect the food & beverage. Although we are talking about a very smooth and light service, it has to be clear that it is still a wedding! As for the food, the choice is between buffet and standing dinner: in the first case the guests will serve themselves independently, while in the second the waiters, at the passage, will make available to the guests the dishes from which they can serve themselves. Interesting, innovative and well presented menus will ensure the success of your Party and make your guests fall in love at the first glance of every single dish.   What about the beverage? Provide a list of the most popular cocktails, quality wines, beers and non-alcoholic alternatives for those who are teetotal and for children. Ask for the collaboration of professional bartenders who know not only how to prepare delicious cocktails but also how to make their preparation attractive.     Lights, music and the right entertainment will give the final touch to your event, creating the right atmosphere of relaxation, dancing and fun.  Dear future bride and groom, you have no more excuses to delay!