Wedding Design

Sometimes reality can be better than imagination

Bespoke project

In order to make your wedding day simply magnificent, our creative team will build an exclusive project developing your aesthetic vision according to your desires and ensuring a cohesive look.

The wedding design service is necessary if the look of your wedding is incredibly important to you.

It 's about:

  • Developing the wedding design concept and how it will be threaded through each visual element

  • Providing the color palette guidance of your event.

  • Working in conjunction with some vendors (florist, rentals, lightning, stationery) to craft the look and the feel of the event

  • Visiting venue to produce a unique layout and identify any potential issues

  • Making sure all décors are put up properly and on time

“Love is like the wind, you can’t see it, but you can feel it.”

Nicholas Sparks


Our mission is to make this day the most beautiful of your life, touching your feelings and moving your soul in the deep:

"You will feel blessed and special surrounded by love in the most beautiful setting you could ever imagine".

Wedding planning is about timing, budgeting and scheduling.

Designing is all about imagination.