Wedding in Positano

The most romantic place on earth... POSITANO!

If you have chosen Positano as a destination for your Wedding, you should know that this town spreads vertically along the mountainside. A breathless panoramic upper section embraces a lower one overlooking the beach, creating a dreamy atmosphere.
In Positano steps replace the streets and houses continuously blend into one another.
Religious Weddings are usually celebrated in the Parish of Santa Maria Assunta, a beautiful Byzantine style church whose marvelously decorated dome stands out in all its glory among the alleys of Positano.
If you want to get married in a church you will also have the possibility of utilizing the small, elegant St. Peter chapel, located next to the famous Hotel San Pietro, which could be an outstanding possibility to host your wedding reception.
For those who prefer not to have a religious ritual, a civil ceremony can be held at the “Casa Comunale di Positano.”
The spectacular landscape of Positano offers a view of incomparable beauty and is the perfect Wedding scenario for all the couples who desire to turn their Special Day into something exclusive and unforgettable.
We will take care of your guests' accommodation and offer the opportunity to make trips to Amalfi, Ravello, Pompeii, Naples, Capri, Ischia… and Sorrento, the land of the Mermaids.

How to make a perfect wedding toast


25 July 2022

A Wedding toast typically ends a wedding speech and it is the moment when one member of the wedding party encourages the guests to raise their glasses to the happy couple and drink to their happiness, good health and future wealth.
There are many ways to set the tone of a toast: it could be funny or something more sentimental. In any case it is very important to start explaining the connection to the couple, maybe telling how you met for the first time and be charming and positive.
The perfect wedding toast is short and sweet, funny or meaningful, clear and always accompanied by some drink in your glass!
If the wedding toast is part of your speech you can start it saying: ‘Now ladies and gentlemen, please ensure your glasses are charged. Can I ask you all to raise a toast to the happy couple?’ This moment usually ends with wishing ‘to the bride and groom/happy couple/newlyweds’ the best for their future life as husband and wife. 


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