Wedding in October

Warm colours

It's time for grapes, must and wine, it's time for long walks in the woods, hazelnuts and roasted chestnuts. That’s the ideal scenario for a wedding that wants to leave a mark: a rustic reception, wrapped in magic.
New warm colours tint the sky, a blanket of yellow, red and orange leaves covers the alleys. Here and there, some patches of green that do not want to give up on autumn. The songs of the cicadas accompany the whistle of the wind, while the Amalfi Coast and the Sorrento Peninsula, whose splendour remains unchanged, are embellished with new shades and fragrances.
A bride walks down a red and orange alley, like a little nymph. She is surrounded by large hazel trees, interspersed from time to time with shrubs. Her style is simple, the hair almost untidy, the bouquet asymmetrical. A rustic wedding is a celebration between you and nature.

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How to make a perfect wedding toast


2022-07-25 - A Wedding toast typically ends a wedding speech and it is the moment when one member of the wedding party encourages the guests to raise their glasses to the happy couple and drink to their happiness, good health and future wealth.   There are many ways to set the tone of a toast: it could be funny or something more sentimental. In any case it is very important to start explaining the connection to the couple, maybe telling how you met for the first time and be charming and positive.   The perfect wedding toast is short and sweet, funny or meaningful, clear and always accompanied by some drink in your glass!   If the wedding toast is part of your speech you can ..