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Looking for a memorable Wedding site? Well, Capri is the perfect choice.
We are talking about the southernmost island in the Gulf of Naples. Small and exclusive, able to inspire intellectuals, writers, artists and tourists all over the world, Capri has a perimeter of only 17 Km. It has been appreciated for its beauty for at least 2000 years, in fact several roman emperors chose this magical place as their permanent residence including Octavian Augustus and Tiberius, whose gardens still represent one of the most splendid attractions. The view of the Via Krupp pathway and the Faraglioni rocks are the "not to be missed" highlights of the island.
Upon your arrival in Capri you can visit the Church of St. Costanzo, which holds the remains of the “Augustus’ Palace at Sea”, before continuing to explore its territory by a super panoramic cable car. The spectacular views and landscape portraits that the island has to offer will leave you simply speechless.
The town centre is a very pleasant place to visit with so many alleys to discover and a wide choice of shops and restaurants. Its mediaeval mood reveals its power through the famous main square called the Piazzetta (Piazza Umberto I). 
The most interesting detail is that many ancient and suggestive Roman Villas can be booked for your private Wedding Celebration. Wouldn’t it be marvellous to choose a timeless scenario where to spend the most authentic moment of your life?
Besides, the Island hosts the world famous Blue grotto (“Grotta Azzurra”) which could be a very romantic experience for newlyweds who love the sea and a little adventure.
So… If you have always dreamed of a magnificent wedding, do not hesitate to ask. It might be a  wonderful experience for both you and your guests. 
Civil or symbolic Weddings in Capri can be performed in the local town hall or in the other dedicated places that the Island has to offer.


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2022-04-19 - The Sorrento majestic coastline, famous all over the world, stretches from Napoli to the island of Capri. Its wavy landscape is adorned by steep cliffs that fall down into the turquoise-blue Mediterranean sea. The small towns and villages nestled all along the gulf  are built into the cliffs and overlook the most incredible golden hour.   Sorrento is the best town you can choose to host your wedding, with its wonderful views and hidden spots that will leave you simply speechless. Besides, the town reflects the real Made in Italy concept, offering an incredible variety of typical products, genuine cuisine and a craftsmanship tradition of the finest level.   Basically, everything you need to transform your Wedding day into the perfect day you have always dreamed of.   Imagine walking down the narrow streets of the town in your white regal princess gown, your hand in the hand of the man you love, which is now your husband. The shining sun reflecting its light on the application of your dress, makes you shine like a star. The light breeze caresses your hair, all eyes are on you. Ahead of you cordial and smiling people wish you all the best for your future, behind you the wedding party is ready to celebrate your bond. A glam-chic car steps by and you jump in towards your new life together.