Wedding in November

Rustic wood and Halloween

Marriage among the chestnut trees.
Children always associate fragrances with a person, images with places, colours with seasons and it is wonderful how these imprinted feelings stay and develop during the whole human life.
Don’t you think the autumn smells of your grandpa making roasted chestnuts?!
November gives the ideal atmosphere for a rustic wedding because it is capable of transmitting "warmth" in every detail. The clear air brings the scent of wine and must, the stone farmhouses are heated by large fireplaces, the tables are adorned by cinnamon sticks and dried oranges, the tablecloths and runners fade from beige to bright red.
Orange and yellow roses are wrapped in large chocolate-colored envelopes, candles and aromas of dried fruit vibes in the air, the paths among the chestnut trees are transformed in multi-shade leaves carpet and create the best evocative image of warm colours.
Halloween theme
If you are not a traditionalist and have always imagined a marriage out of the ordinary, the month of November certainly offers the opportunity to use a nice and original theme... Halloween.
Of course, there will not be skeletons and cobwebs to "colour" the day of your wedding but it would be nice to use pumpkins of different shapes and sizes as candle holders or wooden bowls containing caramelised apples.
All framed by the warm autumn colours.

The wow factor


10 October 2022

An expert wedding planner knows how to surprise your guests and turn your wedding into an incredible event. here for you six nice ideas and some special entertainment
Wine tasting
Are you a wine lover? Bring an expert sommelier to your cocktail hour. Near the main bar set up a small wine-tasting area where guests can discover more about the night’s selection.
Professional dancers
This category of professionists will entertain you and your guests with amazing visual displays. They can just dance in order to make a dinner incredible and surprising or they can also taught your guest some moves between one course and another
Singers, acrobats, cartoonists doing caricatures will characterize your event like no other. In this case the wow factor is more than guaranteed
They can capture the reception scene in oil or acrylic and hypnotize your guests who will love checking on their progress. The results for you will be an incredible keepsake for your home
Fireworks display
Give a last lasting memory to your guests and light up the sky right after your wedding cake cut. Colors and motifs will leave you speechless and enchanted

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