Top quality vendors

We have built an incredible network of top quality vendors, representing the excellence of the Campania Region, which will offer you the best cost-effective solutions to your needs.

Our suggestions will involve only the suppliers that match your style and personality, in order to make your wedding planification the most emotional journey you have ever experienced.


Our Wedding Specialist team can help you to plan the perfect religious, civil or symbolic ceremony. It doesn’t matter if you are legally married in your country. We can make you re-experience the most Special Day of your life, free from any legal complication, in the most romantic scenario you can dream of.


It may look easy but the search for the most suitable wedding gown can be stressful. We can lead you to the most exclusive bridal boutiques and ateliers in the Campania Region and make you know the real power of “Made in Italy” fabrics. We know that this is one of the most important moments in the life of a woman.


A professional hairstyle and make-up can turn you into a glamorous bride. Our highly skilled partners will take care of you in a dedicated area at the wedding venue or, if you prefer, we can address you to a trusted beauty salon. You won’t stop shining and your powerful aura will spread anywhere.


A chic table setting can turn an empty space into a soulful venue. Aware of the fact that design adds value to every kind of experience, we deliver high quality arrangements and concepts. Linen, centerpieces, silverware, whatever style you are going to choose the wow effect is guaranteed.


Since you choose Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast as the setting for your wedding, we bet you are also a food lover. That’s why the best caterers in town are members of our team. Our priorities are: custom menus, top quality ingredients, exclusive dishes and flawless service. There is no beauty without good taste.


Whether you wish a multi-tiered wedding cake covered in fondant or a typical one-layered, our bakers can create a masterpiece for you according to your specifications. Shape, size, style and finish: dare to dream because the only limits are the one you set yourself!


The decisive touch is always given by floral design: whether you choose delicate orchids and peonies interlaced in complex and elegant compositions or humble flowers the final impact will be stunning. From the bride’s bouquet to ceremony and venue decoration, each flower will follow a common thread and your tastes.


Sound and lights are the real forces of the wedding: the first one controls the mood and energy, the second governs the aura and the atmosphere. They work strictly connected and together can turn something beautiful into something extraordinary. Fireworks shows, sparklers and pyrotechnic displays will end your reception in a spectacular way.


Decor reflects the vision and the theme you chose for your Wedding, giving the venue the look fit for the occasion. Our partners can provide high quality and visually exceptional props and ornaments to leave you and guests speechless. Crystal candelabras, floral arches and light curtains will just enchant you.


Wedding photos are essential because they turn meaningful moments into everlasting memories. They are special because they eternalize not just things, but people and emotions. That’s why it is important to choose experts who are able to make you relive how intense your feelings were everytime you desire.


The soundtrack of your wedding starts from the prelude of your ceremony and goes on until the very last dance. It amplifies the newlyweds' emotions and touches the inner soul of each guest.
Delicate, romantic but also vibrant and intense, it will define every moment of the day.


There are so many ways to entertain an event and to turn it into a real “experience” for you and your guests. We have a lot of contacts with local and international artists who are able to take the energy and the excitement to a completely new level. We are Masters of the Entertainment Industry.


The Wedding stationary is a unique project that anticipates and defines the tone you chose for the entire event. Special papers, calligraphy techniques, ribbons and coordinated graphics will turn your wedding into a luxury branded event.


Sportive cars, vintage vehicles, two wheelers, stretch limos, party buses and more creative means of transportation: you only have to choose the one who matches your style the most. You will enjoy your panoramic ride.


Our tour manager can help you to accommodate your guests in beautiful and multi accessorized hotels, B&B or private villas. She can also set-up excursions, guided tours or the honeymoon of your dreams.


A central hub where your guests can find all the information about your big day. Our webmasters offer a basic and an advanced version of this service which will allow you to stay organized, communicate last-minute changes and and collect your photos and the guest messages in the years to come.


We offer a Bridal Stylist and IC service to guarantee either the bride, the groom and the guests the best outfit and style for the Wedding. Our team can assist you in selecting the dress that best reflects your style and body’s figure, the perfect accessories and your ideal color palette.


Jet lag effects can be very annoying that’s why we suggest our clients the best spa centers which can provide the attention and service every guest expects and deserves. A range of therapeutic massages, beauty treatments, skincare and wellness therapies, will satisfy your needs, making you arrive at your destination relaxed and feeling fit as a fiddle.


Interpreters, hostesses, stewards, security: our professional and always smiling staff is always available to help you with your wedding organisation. Do you need assistance during the ceremony or the reception? They will satisfy your exact requirements.


They help to create stunning images and generate unique keepsakes either for the couple and their guests. We design eye-catching bespoke backdrops that will make you shine: flower walls, sparkling panels and balloon art are just a few options.


If you want to improve your body shape before the big day, our personal trainers will be glad to support you (even with online programs) in your fitness journey and make you reach huge results in a short time. Try the effects of positive Italian training.

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