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Have you ever dreamed of celebrating your marriage in SORRENTO?
What more enchanting place could you ask for? The name is traditionally attributed to the myth of the Sirens of Ulysses (Surrentum). This charming town lies along the cliffs of the famous “Peninsula Sorrentina”. Sorrento with its beautiful location and mild climate due to the hills that surround it, has been appreciated for its beauty and charm since ancient times.
You can visit the famous “Piazza Tasso” where the church of St. Mary Carmine is located. This church has a beautiful Dome dating back to the XI century and a three-story bell tower, which could be a lovely setting for your wedding in Sorrento.
The historical centre of Sorrento offers many fascinating attractions, with narrow streets paved with cobblestones and surrounded by houses and architecture typical of the Middle Ages. The touristic ports of Marina Grande and Marina Piccola encased in the amazing Sorrento coastline, are breathless balconies on the Gulf of Naples.
Could you imagine how many original Wedding pictures you can get? 
Besides, the nautical transportation can ship you to Naples, Capri, Ischia, Positano and Amalfi in a very short time.

The italian destination wedding

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Why is Italy one of the most popular wedding destinations in the world?

An Italian style wedding is undoubtedly an expression of beauty, class and taste. Let’s see together six of the main reasons that make Italy so attractive and unique.

  • Panorama and traditions

Our country offers perfect environments and views for planning unforgettable events. Nature, culture and traditions in Italy blend harmoniously creating unique atmospheres and releasing charm and magic in every corner.  From the mountains to the valleys, from the crystal sea to the elegant lakes, from the medieval villages with breathtaking castles to the art cities with centuries-old churches, to pretty houses and historic villas immersed in the lush countryside.

  • Variety

If you are wondering what is the most suitable season to get married in Italy, the answer would definitely be the one you prefer! Because Italy has a pleasant and mild climate. Although the wedding season begins in April and goes until the middle of October, many couples choose the off-season (February, March) thanks to the lower costs and the greater availability of wedding venues.

  • Kitchen

A great merit of the Italian experience is also its culinary tradition. Everyone would like to enjoy Italian cuisine, celebrated all over the world for its unique tastes and aromas. Getting married in Italy means enjoying delicious dishes prepared with the freshest food and incomparable local wines, such as Chianti or Prosecco

  • Hospitality

Italians are warm and absolutely hospitable, they make everyone feel at home! Italy also has the longest experience in accommodating both Italian and foreign weddings. Thanks to many years of practice in this field, wedding planners, videographers, catering and florists are very professional and will make your day simply perfect. 

  • Romance

At the end of the event, the newlyweds will enjoy a nice holiday or even their honeymoon in Italy. Whatever you choose to do, it will be a memorable experience to love lifelong because Italy is undoubtedly the most romantic country in the world.


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