Wedding in Procida


Our guides will organise targeted tours for you to visit the island and possibly choose it as a location for your wedding. 
Procida hides unexpected surprises!
The younger sister of Ischia and Capri, Procida is a discreet wild island, whose colours merge in a whirlwind of perceptions, scents and colours that leave an unforgettable sensation in the eyes and hearts of visitors.
The tuff, the promontories, the harbours, the coves, the rude but sincere character of the fishermen, the simple cuisine made of vegetables from the island and the catch of the day make this jewel one of a kind, very far from the spotlights but absolutely authentic. 
Set of important cinematographic films such as “Il Postino”, “The talent of Mr. Ripley, “Francesca e Nunziata”, the islands hosted a great number of actors such as Sofia Loren, Philippe Noiret, Massimo Troisi, Jude Law, Claudia Gerini, Matt Damon and Maria Grazia Cucinotta. 
These are the qualities that praised the island in 2022, in fact Procida was nominated Capital of Culture. The town promotes the eco-sustainable development of the area, encouraging green and cultural tourism that will not affect its own authenticity

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2022-04-19 - The Sorrento majestic coastline, famous all over the world, stretches from Napoli to the island of Capri. Its wavy landscape is adorned by steep cliffs that fall down into the turquoise-blue Mediterranean sea. The small towns and villages nestled all along the gulf  are built into the cliffs and overlook the most incredible golden hour.   Sorrento is the best town you can choose to host your wedding, with its wonderful views and hidden spots that will leave you simply speechless. Besides, the town reflects the real Made in Italy concept, offering an incredible variety of typical products, genuine cuisine and a craftsmanship tradition of the finest level.   Basically, everything you need to transform your Wedding day into the perfect day you have always dreamed of.   Imagine walking down the narrow streets of the town in your white regal princess gown, your hand in the hand of the man you love, which is now your husband. The shining sun reflecting its light on the application of your dress, makes you shine like a star. The light breeze caresses your hair, all eyes are on you. Ahead of you cordial and smiling people wish you all the best for your future, behind you the wedding party is ready to celebrate your bond. A glam-chic car steps by and you jump in towards your new life together.