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Sorrento is undoubtedly the most famous location of the Sorrento Peninsula, however, not so far away from the Land of the Mermaids, there are many other special places which hide unknown pearls and have an equally suggestive atmosphere. We are talking about towns such as Seiano, Meta, Piano di Sorrento, Sant’Agnello and Massa Lubrense.
WEDDING in Seiano
Seiano is a town in the Commune of Vico Equense which is perched on a cliff, 85 metres above sea level. If you follow a long winding road downwards from the small city centre you will join the Marina di Seiano where a small fishing village has risen.
Upon your arrival in META, you will be welcomed by the ‘Piazza Madonna del Lauro’ in the middle of which stands out the splendid Basilica. The region, of ancient origin, lies above the sea level and gradually slopes down to its beautiful beaches.
WEDDING in Piano
The history of Piano is strictly connected to Sorrento, in fact, until 1808 the two regions were considered as one. Today Piano constitutes a major supplier of the citrus fruits industry which is one of the most important in the area. 
This nice little town, situated strategically between Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast, offers the opportunity to get married outdoors. The fabulous panoramic terrace of ‘Villa Fondi’, considered an Italian National Monument, hosts a great number of civil ceremonies every year.
The Neoclassical Style Villa, overlooking the sparkling sea, is surrounded by a spectacular public garden full of secular trees, coloured flowers and vegetation: a park that will make your wedding absolutely memorable.
Bad weather? No worries at all… A delightful indoor marriage room enriched with a lot of frescoes will make your plan B even better than the original one.
WEDDING in Sant'Agnello
Geologically speaking, the eruption of Mount Vesuvius has left particularly visible signs on the territory of the Sorrento Peninsula, such as the yellow colored burns which characterise the cliffs of the area. 
Sant’Agnello with its splendid sea frontage and exclusive luxury venues is considered a hidden treasure of the Sorrento Peninsula and will undoubtedly offer you the perfect bespoke solution for your Wedding Ceremony or Reception.
WEDDING in Massa Lubrense
MASSA LUBRENSE extends over a territory composed of 18 boroughs but the heart of the town is the Piazza/Largo ‘Vescovado’ from which you can descend gradually to the sea. The 15th century church of ‘Santa Maria Delle Grazie’ and the Palace of the Arch-Bishop dating back to the 12th Century enrich the entire site with fine and artistic historical details.
If it pleases you, our organisation can help you to plan your dreamy Wedding in this unforgettable and marvellous town. Massa Lubrense is the perfect location if you like nature, courtyard and rustic chic atmospheres. 


The italian destination wedding

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Why is Italy one of the most popular wedding destinations in the world?

An Italian style wedding is undoubtedly an expression of beauty, class and taste. Let’s see together six of the main reasons that make Italy so attractive and unique.

  • Panorama and traditions

Our country offers perfect environments and views for planning unforgettable events. Nature, culture and traditions in Italy blend harmoniously creating unique atmospheres and releasing charm and magic in every corner.  From the mountains to the valleys, from the crystal sea to the elegant lakes, from the medieval villages with breathtaking castles to the art cities with centuries-old churches, to pretty houses and historic villas immersed in the lush countryside.

  • Variety

If you are wondering what is the most suitable season to get married in Italy, the answer would definitely be the one you prefer! Because Italy has a pleasant and mild climate. Although the wedding season begins in April and goes until the middle of October, many couples choose the off-season (February, March) thanks to the lower costs and the greater availability of wedding venues.

  • Kitchen

A great merit of the Italian experience is also its culinary tradition. Everyone would like to enjoy Italian cuisine, celebrated all over the world for its unique tastes and aromas. Getting married in Italy means enjoying delicious dishes prepared with the freshest food and incomparable local wines, such as Chianti or Prosecco

  • Hospitality

Italians are warm and absolutely hospitable, they make everyone feel at home! Italy also has the longest experience in accommodating both Italian and foreign weddings. Thanks to many years of practice in this field, wedding planners, videographers, catering and florists are very professional and will make your day simply perfect. 

  • Romance

At the end of the event, the newlyweds will enjoy a nice holiday or even their honeymoon in Italy. Whatever you choose to do, it will be a memorable experience to love lifelong because Italy is undoubtedly the most romantic country in the world.


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