Symbolic Rite

Union of love

Introduced in Italy in 2002, the symbolic rite was already practiced in a lot of non-Catholic countries of northern Europe (United Kingdom, Holland and Scandinavian countries).
It reflects the perfect choice for the spouses who want to confirm their union of love in front of their beloved ones and are often held in fabulous locations. Sometimes, whoever chooses this kind of service is already legally married and just wants to re-experience their big day in an outstanding scenario.
A symbolic ceremony is very personal and bespoke, designed uniquely for that bride and groom. It tells the guests about their love story and includes meaningful moments such as the reading of personal vows and the signing of the marriage certificate.
These celebrations, since have neither legal value nor are authorized by the Church, don’t have to follow any particular rule and the couple is free to tailor its structure according to their values and beliefs.

Be unconventional


26 December 2022

Our industry does not create trends, we follow trends. By their nature trends change, and we must pay close attention to the world around us and adapt our event design to current conditions to bring a sense of place, or a certain cool factor, or to meet an expectation this is “the” event to be part of. “We follow trends.” We wait for the Pantone colour of the Year announcement and build design palettes and mood boards around this; we incorporate music popular right now; vintage inspired cocktails continue to appear on menus across the nation. Why do we Follow Trends? Because we must. 

Once the Pantone Colour of the Year is released to the world, our supplier partners create linens, import florals and fabrics and paint and gild items to adapt to new tastes. We respond to an ever-changing sensibility as we move from pristine to rustic chic, from everything matching to unique and authentic components mixed artfully together. Décor, staging and props are the focus for many designer’s businesses, and producing events with perfect large, small and finishing details brings deep satisfaction.

Albert Bandura showed in a study that another reason why people are inclined to follow trends is that it works as a mental shortcut. By following what others are doing, it shortens and eases the thought process for someone. 

But it is only when we walk into a room that is not set as expected that we pay attention innately and immediately. 

So, why follow the latest trends even though they do not match our style and personality? It doesn’t make any sense. Sometimes it is better to dare and to be different. Being unconventional is the real key to a successful event.



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