Our agency will accompany you on this journey, alongside the most renowned seamstresses and tailors of the area, making your wedding fashionable and unforgettable!


It is not said that only the brides should be the undisputed protagonists of the fateful day and that their outfit outclasses and overshadows the groom's look ... One of the flagships of the Neapolitan tradition is the prestigious Neapolitan tailoring. Naples and its province, are famous all over the world for the accuracy, taste and precision of its tailors. The artisans of cutting, fabrics and finishes are always one step ahead of the trends of the moment, equaling the Italian brands famous all over the world for style and elegance. Bring your bridesmen and closest friends with you for the choice of their nuptials dress, so they can be fashionable and stay ahead with the style of your reception too!