The traditional white dress that brides wear today date from the nineteenth century and it represents virginity and purity. In ancient Rome brides wrapped themselves in yellow and orange veils; Lombard brides wore a black tunic, while Byzantine brides wore red silk embroidered with gold and precious stones; in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance period the wedding dresses were coloured, while Chinese brides used to wear red dresses. Brides of today, are free to dress in whatever manor they desire.

There are those who choose long white dresses, others who prefer short dresses. Today the colours may be muted pastel or ivory, or rarely red or black.

If it is your intention to acquire the Bride’s outfit, the Groom’s outfit, the bridesmaids or even if your guests have an interest in acquiring their outfits in Sorrento our organisation reserves fitting appointments in which the Bride, Groom, bridesmaids and guests may choose between several splendid selections.

If, however, the Bride’s outfit will be bought from her home country we can arrange for a tailor/dressmaker to do the final fitting and see to any last minute adjustments or touches.