The Bouquet is a gift which the Groom gives to the Bride.

For your wedding in Sorrento Coast and Amalfi Coast you may choose from many possibilities which we present for full satisfaction of your tastes. The same flowers from the bouquet of the Bride can also be used for the buttonhole of the Groom.

If it is your desire to have a procession of bridesmaids (who carry the train of the Bride’s dress) our experts will also prepare for them small bouquets which will naturally be in colours of your preference and in keeping with the colour of their outfits.

Ours bouquet will be unforgettable for you!

The engagement cycle ends with the groom's gift of the bouquet to the bride. The flowers must reach the bride in the morning of the wedding. Following the ceremony, the bride will throw the bouquet at random among all the unmarried girls: whoever manages to grab it, according to tradition, could marry within the year.

We already find the custom of decorating the bride with flowers in the Arab world.

Here the bride was adorned with orange flowers, white and delicate, a symbol of fertility, while for the ancient Egyptians, fragrant herbs and fragrant flowers kept evil spirits away from the bride.

Today, the bride chooses a bouquet that suits her taste, dress and season and the same flowers as the bride's bouquet are chosen for the groom's buttonhole. So you can wander between an infinite variety of flowers and colors according to your tastes and in relation to your style.