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The month of December... A perfect month for your wedding, so much magic for your wedding; it will be a romantic and original event at the same time.

It is difficult to perceive the climatic cold of this month given the warmth of the traditions of which it is the setting. Month of mistletoe and passionate kisses, month of tables and cheerful voices, month of gifts and surprised looks, month of perfumes, of repatriates... month waiting and hopes...

Try to imagine the magic of clothes, white, mainly accompanied by red and green, damask fabrics, velvet and furs, long dresses and ample cloaks, but also bell-shaped skirts, a little pixie style, in short, a veritable whirlwind of pure joy. And for the location...?

Scent of fir, crackling wood in the chimneys, wreaths of holly and hawthorn wrapped around showy candles that illuminate the tables, hazelnuts, biscuits and sweet-candy lying on the tablecloths as if fallen by chance from a stocking and mistletoe... waiting for your first kiss from husband and wife.