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Marriage among the chestnut trees

It is wonderful how, as children, some fragrances, colors and images are imprinted on our minds, always associated with a person, a place or a season: autumn, the smell of chestnuts!

This is the ideal atmosphere for a rustic wedding, capable of transmitting "warmth" in every detail, paths among the chestnut trees, which are delicate, from time to time they let fall, like snow, leaves of a thousand shades, rest on the soil, creating an evocative natural carpet with warm colors.

The clear air brings with it the scent of chestnuts, wine and must... stone farmhouses heated by large fireplaces, long tables adorned with hatched curls that leave just a glimpse of its fruit, cinnamon sticks and dried oranges as a placeholder, tablecloths and runners that fade from beige to bright red, orange and yellow roses wrapped in large chocolate-colored leaves, candles and aromas of dried fruit...

Halloween theme

If you are not a traditionalist and have always imagined a marriage out of the ordinary, the month of November certainly offers the opportunity to use a nice and original theme ... Halloween.

Do not be fooled by the first impact, certainly will not be skeletons and cobwebs to "color" the day of your wedding, rather pumpkins of different shapes and sizes, simply used so naturally or emptied to serve as a candle holder, wooden bowls containing caramelized apples, all obviously framed by the warm autumn colors.