Play with us

The Amalfi Coast and the Sorrento Peninsula offer beautiful landscapes envied by all over the world, so it is not surprising that you have chosen the setting for your wedding day among these places, but what is perhaps ignored is that besides being wonderful beaches, these places boast numerous locations that offer the possibility of creating your wedding on the edge of incredible infinity pools overlooking the sea.

Try to imagine... tables with long tablecloths illuminated from below, tall crystal vases with long and thin necks, flower petals and water lilies delicately set on the water, cushions of different colors and sizes that outline the pool side and in front of you, like a star in the sky, Capri.

If it is not romance, but extravagance, the ingredient you are looking for on the day of your "yes", then we change style... inflatables with the most bizarre shapes, balloons with bright colors and why not... a bikini under the wedding dress for a nice dip at the end of the party. After all "wet bride, lucky bride"!