Play with us

If  you prefer a romantic atmosphere for your wedding day, dear future spouses, the month of June offers you the most suitable scenario...

The days have now lengthened, the evening timid comes on, heralded by passionate sunsets, the air is warm even in the evening, all around is silent... where will the cicadas and their songs be? ...and in this silence there is a slow beginning of their dance... the air that, until recently had apparently stopped, begins to come alive... small drops of intermittent light float here and there, forming delicate spirals... fireflies... and everything becomes light.

Try to imagine the sound of the waves, calm, slow, rhythmic... the rubbing of the pebbles that overwhelmed by them, let themselves slide over each other, terraces lit by candles and lanterns, you tighten one into the other, embraced by one of the many wonderful basins that the Amalfi Coast and the Sorrento Peninsula offer as scenery, and the sky lit by dozens of lanterns... fed by the warmth of your love.