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To you spouses who choose to celebrate your wedding this month, we propose the Wedding flowers, a theme that embraces both elegant - romantic and rustic styles.

In Italy it is customary to say: "April sweet sleep ...", yet this is the month of revivals! The sky regains its carefree tones, the air regains its slight inconsistency, the delicate wind, enriched by the still uncertain scents of a newly found spring, caresses the face, the soft-colored flowers seem shy next to those with more bold colors , but together, they create the perfect setting for your wedding ...

As a picture of Impressionism, the first citrus fruit stains the Amalfi Coast and the Sorrento Peninsula here and there with yellow and orange, which majestic reflect their reborn beauty in the turquoise shades of the sea ... were it not for the "real" perfumes of these places, so much splendor would give the illusion of really being inside a painting.