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February is the month of love par excellence, dear spouses. If you are irrecoverable romantics then this is absolutely the right month to celebrate your wedding.

The first step will be to choose a location that welcomes a lot of romance, but since you are entrusted to us and having chosen the Amalfi Coast or the Sorrento Peninsula as the setting for your wedding, it will not be a problem at all.

We suggest as dominant colors white and red, accompanied, depending on your tastes, by more or less strong shades of rose. Among the flowers, not to mention the roses, pompous compositions softened by natural elements, randomly scattered petals on the tables and on the floor, hearts of different sizes and shades, that come down from the ceiling like suspended in the air... in the end those who love flies...


If the romantic version of this month does not suit your tastes, dear spouses, we have for you, an equally attractive and highly original alternative for your wedding. In addition to being the month of love, February is also the month of "... every joke is worth", yes you understood well… And what if the theme was the Carnival?

How much are you willing to hazard? This theme offers many possibilities and a few limits, obviously because marriage retains its "style", we will leave the choice to you and among the many, we could refer to the Venice carnival, one of the most elegant and stylish events in the world.

In this case the undisputed protagonists will be the masks, delicate or opulent, rich masks with embroidery and points of light, with which to surround the eyes of your guests, and for the more daring, why not also the bodices, lace, damask fabrics and velvet...

The white will be accompanied by gold and black, with some shades of green and purple, the combinations are endless, the rooms could be lit by imposing candelabra and embellished with masks of different styles and sizes... elegance and originality, to make your wedding day, truly unique.