1. Having completed 18 years of age for both; this age can be lowered to 16 years by decree of the Juvenile Court on condition that the judge has ascertained the psychic maturity of the minor and that they incur serious reasons.
  2.     The sanity for which the interdict for disability of mind cannot contract marriage.
  3.     The freedom of "status" that is the lack of a bond deriving from a previous marriage that has civil effects.
  4.     The non-existence of family relationships or affinity between spouses.
  5.     Marriage is prohibited between, who was convicted of murder or attempted murder, and the spouse of the person offended by the crime itself.
  6.     The woman must wait at least 300 days from the dissolution or the cancellation or the cessation of the civil effects of the previous marriage.

You will not have to wait for this term if:

  1.     The marriage was declared invalid due to the impotence of one of the spouses
  2.     When the marriage was not consummated
  3.     When the dissolution took place after three years of actual separation