Some examples


If you have chosen the Amalfi Coast or the Sorrento Peninsula to celebrate a day as important as your wedding, then you can only be a lover of the sea and what better theme if not the last one for your wedding banquet?

Finding a location that is well suited to this theme will certainly not be a problem, you will not be spoiled for choice, from Castellammare to Vietri, these spectacular coasts are followed by places and scenarios tailored to this type of event ... and the details? Let us do it ...

Compasses, which indicate the route, rudders that dominate the currents, headlights, which indicate the road ... tones from blue to turquoise to aquamarine, which make the eye float, like immersed in a wave, nets of fishermen, delicately lay on the walls like tableau and sand under your feet, so that love may be your land ... what do you say ... we sail?

Tree of life or olive tree

Nature in all its forms is a symbol of life, of birth ... in marriage is inherent the same meaning ... motivation, which associated with the scenarios of places such as the Amalfi Coast and the Sorrento Peninsula, make "the Tree of Life" or "The olive tree" a perfect symbol to represent an important day like that of your wedding.

Numerous locations where you can walk in the shade of olive trees, even centuries-old, surrounded by nature in close contact with it, its simplicity, the purity of its history ... of your history.