The style of a ceremony is outlined by the details, it is always the "small" things that make an event truly "great" and for an important day like that of your wedding nothing can be left to chance.

Locations, invitations, invitations, dresses, floral decorations and even the arrangement of the dessert buffet will have to have their own common thread, but of all this, of course, we will take care of it!

The elegant wedding proposes crystals and transparencies, tapered candelabra, often alternated with vases, rich in flowers with soft and inconspicuous colors, all delicately set on tablecloths with important embroideries, but at the same time not very intrusive. To surround, what undoubtedly can be called a classical atmosphere, you could not have preferred better scenery than the Amalfi Coast or the Sorrento Peninsula, places already enchanted by nature, whose magic was enriched by Castles and Villas of great prestige and beauty that are well suited to this kind of wedding. So all that remains is to choose the dress and why not ... along the stairs lose the shoe ...