WEDDING CANDY BUFFET in Sorrento and Amalfi Coast


In Italian, the word "confetti" comes from the same root word as confectionery and actually refers to sweetmeats, grain and nuts that are covered in sugar and thrown at the newlyweds. More recently, 
we substituted paper confetti, but today most ceremony sites don't allow confetti because of the cleanup nightmare . . . so wedding bubbles now offer an environmentally safe alternative.

A candy buffet can add fun and colour to your wedding reception, and bring you and your groom back to your childhood roots!

More and more brides want to see a tower of sweets at their reception.
Candy Buffet is created to leave a lasting impression that will be forever remembered by your guests.

Imagine your guests when they see a buffet filled with delicious candy that they get to take home and actually enjoy.
In a wedding reception , a candy buffet is a crowd pleaser. Whoever said no to some lollipops and chocolates?