For the civil ceremony we can book for you in addition to the Municipal houses of Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, Ravello, Capri, Ischia also other locations such as 6 Km. From Sorrento in the Municipality of Piano a splendid eighteenth-century villa "Villa Fondi" or in the heart of the historic center of Sorrento is the splendid "Cloister of St. Francis" of the fourteenth century

Bureaucratic process

The request for the documents needed to get married has now become much simpler, thanks to the introduction of the Bassanini Law - on the subject of self-certifications - which has greatly simplified the bureaucratic process for finding the certificates required to formalize the marriage ceremony.

It is advisable to start "preparing the cards" at least 6 months before the date set for the wedding.

Documents for civil marriage

Today for civil marriage, it is necessary that one of the two fiancés, about two months before the wedding, go to the Civil Status Office of the Municipality of residence, to sign a document (with data for personal of the spouses), asking for appointment for the promise of marriage.
(Formalities prior to civil marriage)

The office itself will request all the documentation it needs, after which it will personally contact the prospective spouses to fix the date of the oath with them.
At this point everything is ready for Consent.
For this we need a witness and a parent, (both with a valid identity document), in the absence of the parent we need a complete copy of the birth certificate, issued by the municipality of birth, this document is required either personally or through a relative with an identification document of the applicant.

The witnesses can also be the same ones who will attend the wedding.
The publications will be exhibited for 8 consecutive days at the door of the municipal house (in the municipalities of residence of both spouses); the complete generalities of the spouses and the place where they intend to contract marriage will be indicated in the deed.

The purpose of the publication is to bring to the attention of all the intent of the Marines to contract marriage so that anyone who has an interest can make an opposition.
Once the publications have been completed, the spouses will receive the "nulla osta" for the wedding after four days, which, to be valid, must be celebrated within 180 days, otherwise the validity of the certificates will expire.

Special cases

For these particular cases we need to obtain other documents which we will illustrate below.

For marriage with or between minors but who are at least 16 years old: the authorization decree of the Juvenile Court is required.
For a marriage with a divorced or both: a complete copy of the deed is required
previous marriage, complete with the annotation of the annulment sentence;
This annotation is issued by the Court of the municipality where the marriage was celebrated, subject to the authorization of the competent Public Prosecutor.

For marriage with or between foreign citizens: the permission of the Consulate or Embassy of the country of origin is required.