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Sorrento is undoubtedly the most notable location of the Sorrento Peninsula, however, a very short distance away, also of outstanding beauty, there are regions not so well known such as Seiano, Meta, Piano di Sorrento, Sant’Agnello and Massa Lubrense.

WEDDING in Seiano

Seiano is a town in the Commune of Vico Equense which you can find perched on a cliff 85 metres above sea level where a handful of small houses rise. If you follow a long winding road downwards from here you find yourself in the Marina di Seiano where a small fishing village has risen.


At the door of META is the ‘Piazza Madonna del Lauro’ upon which rests the splendid Basilica. The region, of ancient origin, of a maritime character is perched high up above the sea and gradually slopes down to the beautiful beach.

WEDDING in Piano

PIANO’S history is connected with that of Sorrento up until 1808 when they still considered the same region. The citizens even to this day participated in the commercial maritime industry. Up until two centuries ago there was great trade by craftsmen and in the textile industry. A notable export was the clothing and vestments for members of the church. Today the agricultural industry is one of the most important of the area. Piano constitutes a major supplier of in the citrus fruit industry with intense cultivation in the area. If you so desire you can opt to have your civil service celebrated on the fabulous terrace at ‘Villa Fondi’, a villa in the neoclassical style in a park which hosts important examples of Mediterranean flora. There is also the ‘George Vallet’ archaeological museum of the Sorrento Peninsula whose villa is considered a national monument.

Marriage in Sant'Agnello

From a geological point of view the eruption of Mount Vesuvius has left particularly visible signs such as the burnt yellow colouring of the cliffs which characterise the area. The origins of Sant’Agnello go back to antiquity. The first people who arrived on the Sorrento Peninsula are proven to have been ‘Osci’ from the more southern states of Italia. After the ‘Osci’ came the ‘Fenici’ people from Africa who were more advanced at that time than the ‘Osci’ people. Sant’Agnello with its’ splendid sea frontage can offer you wonderful solutions where you can celebrate your wedding.

WEDDING in Massa Lubrense

MASSA LUBRENSE extends over a territory consisting of 18 boroughs but the heart of the country is the Piazza/Largo ‘Vescovado’ from which you can descend gradually to the sea passing the 15th century church of ‘Santa Maria Delle Grazie’. And the Palace of the Arch-Bishop dating back to the 12th Century. A wonderful scenery surrounds you, where the mountains and the sea unite, you can sea the fabulous ‘Monti Lattari’, the Gulf of Naples and Sorrento, the islands and rock features. If it pleases you our organisation can help you to live a dream of a ceremony and reception in this unforgettable and marvellous town.