The right person.... the right moment.... the right place.... SORRENTO


Is your dream to celebrate your marriage in SORRENTO?

What more enchanting place could you ask for? The name is traditionally attributed to the myth of the sirens of Ulysses (Surrentum). This charming village lies along the cliffs of the famous “Peninsula Sorrentino”. Sorrento with its beautiful location and mild climate due to the hills that surround it, has been appreciated for its beauty and charm since ancient times.

You can visit the famous “Piazza Tasso” where the church of St. Mary Carmine is located. This church has a beautiful Dome dating back to the XI century and a three-story bell tower which will make a lovely setting for your wedding in Sorrento.

The historical centre of Sorrento offers many fascinating attractions, with narrow streets paved with stone, houses joined by slender arches displaying their medieval origins. Steps lead to the two main ports of Sorrento; Marina Grande and Marina Piccola, which are also used for transportation to Naples, Capri, Ischia, Positano and Amalfi.