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For an unforgettable wedding in a country chic style, the farmhouse is a magnificent location, totally surrounded by nature, which will guarantee you an elegant and relaxed atmosphere to share with your guests.  The farmhouses in the area suggest a typical Campania ...

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All the fairy tales, whether modern or ancient, begin with "Once upon a time" and it does not count how history evolves, nor that your nature is that of chronic romanticists or skeptics in search of conversion, one always hopes in " ... and they lived happily ever after". Let the enchantment begin then ... and for an event as important as your wedding you certainly can't rely on chance. Federico Fellini said "The only real realist is the visionary", words, not surprisingly, pronounced in one of the perhaps most magical places in the world, the Amalfi Coast. Let your eyes get lost and be conquered by the beauty of these places, the Amalfi Coast has landscapes that border on reality and you are not afraid of losing yourself because to accompany you step by step towards your wedding day there will be competent, but above all enthusiastic people to be able to make your "event" the most beautiful and spectacular day of your life.


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