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Wedding planning


Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now
"Alan Lakein"

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Wedding design


Every great design begins with an even better story
"Lorinda Mamo"

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Wedding coordination


Now coordination is much more substantial. Everyone knows what’s going on
"Chris Neudeck"

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Wedding Planner Sorrento

Specialises in creating hi-profile weddings, offering a bespoke service which is tailored to suit your preferences. All our experience will be at the service of your emotions. We are the team you were looking for.

Last Trends

The perfect hairstyle according to your face shape

The perfect hairstyle according to your face shape

With so many inspirational options and images to choose from, a bride can feel overwhelmed in selecting the perfect hairstyle for her wedding day. To help every single woman narrow down the range of possibilities, we will list the best hairstyles depending on a certain shape of the ...

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Wedding Cocktail Party: celebrate in a fresh and alternative way!

Wedding Cocktail Party: celebrate in a fresh and alternative way!

If you are a modern bride and groom who want to experience a flowing and easier format of reception, Wedding Planner Sorrento suggests an all-American solution that is becoming increasingly popular even at a national level!    Enough with those long appetizers followed by equally endless ...

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The Bride: Rustic-Chic style

The Bride: Rustic-Chic style

In the previous article we talked about the elements that characterize the Rustic-Chic Wedding. Bucolic but elegant, it is a style that is winning over most of the newlyweds for its atmosphere and its tones, rural but extremely detailed and cured. Today, we will delve into the style of rustic-chic ...

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Wedding in May

Wedding in May
Marriage Of The Month

When it comes to marriage, the first thing a bride dreams of is her amazing white gown, but... have you ever imagined what an incredibly candid atmosphere, if every single detail of your wedding design was white? 
White like the purity and the brightness of the sentiments the spouses feel to each other, white like the clouds in the mighty sky. 
Tulle, organza and chiffon fabrics will float in the wind among the magical sceneries of the Amalfi Coast and the Sorrento Peninsula, while roses, hydrangeas and orchids will inebriate the air with their scents…  
Can you imagine yourself walking down the aisle on a carpet made of rice, sugared almonds and white petals: the only thing left to say is "Yes, I do".

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