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Wedding planning


Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now
"Alan Lakein"

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Wedding design


Every great design begins with an even better story
"Lorinda Mamo"

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Wedding coordination


Now coordination is much more substantial. Everyone knows what’s going on
"Chris Neudeck"

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Wedding Planner Sorrento

Specialises in creating hi-profile weddings, offering a bespoke service which is tailored to suit your preferences. All our experience will be at the service of your emotions. We are the team you were looking for.

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How to serve your reception meal

How to serve your reception meal

What are the most common serving styles? Let's discover together four approaches to service starting with the least formal.   In the family-style service the dishes are delivered to strategic spots along long tables and the guests pass them politely.   In the american service the ...

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Live music or Dj Set

Live music or Dj Set

A live band or a DJ set for Your Wedding Day?   Deciding between a band or a Dj Set for your wedding reception may be tricky, that’s why we want to share some very important tips so that you can make the proper choice.   The thing is that the entertainment will set the tone of the ...

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There is no doubt that photography is very important when it comes to a wedding but there are so many reasons to have a video wedding too. Some things such as your friend’s comic toast, your bouquet-toss, or your processional music can’t be captured by a simple ...

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Wedding in September

Wedding in September
Marriage Of The Month

Have you ever asked yourself what is the true meaning of "Yes, I do"? Have you ever thought about what you actually promise to your beloved one when you decide to get married? You love each other, of course... but what is even more important is that you decide to support a person, his choices, his passions, his beliefs.
The heart has two wings: support and love.
Try to imagine the elegance and delicacy of feathered small wings suspended in the air as if they were flying… just like the passage of an angel.

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